Cathedral of the Rockies August 2014

on Oct 28, 2014 |

Two topics for this issue. First, I would like to formally thank all who have been involved, supported, and prayed for the First Fruits Orchard. What an amazing project. At the Block Party, September 7th, we will have the official blessing and grand opening ceremony. I hear there may be some other activities in the orchard that day also. And those words- “in the orchard”. Doesn’t that sound good!? A space has turned into a Place.

All of the elements of the orchard will not be complete. This project is on a cash on hand basis. If we have cash, we make forward progress. Donations are still needed for one more bench, 2 trash receptacles, 5 more trees, and some bark. We also need to get 36 plaques made telling what name and specie the trees are. We are looking forward to the bee hive that is coming for the orchard and the garden, and perhaps even an art element or sculpture.

It will be fun to see what this looks like in 10 years. Who knows what will happen. Which segue ways into my second topic. A Scavenger Hunt. Remember those as a kid? Going around the neighborhood and trying to find things on a list. I think I am going to put one of these together for the Downtown campus.

With all of the activity with the bell recently, as well as the need to search out some other materials from the church archives, we have come across some interesting elements of our building and the property. There might even be a trivia section in this hunt. A few interesting tid-bits have come to light. Some members of the church will think this is no big deal because they were there in the beginning. The rest of us, the more recent arrivals, are fascinated with the details and history of our beautiful church. Examples you ask?

What do the four masonry symbols on the exterior of the stained glass window that faces Hays street mean? The exterior hinges of the Sanctuary doors have something written on them. What do they say? How tall is our Tower and Spire? To the inch- Why? How many Miss America winners have spoken from our pulpit? And speaking of the pulpit, what does that carving on the front say? And the one at the alter band too. Trivia like that is fun, going looking for things is even more fun. I have identified about 12 things around, in, and on our building that I will take photos of. You will have to tell me where and what they are. Don’t ask me for answers right now, I am saving this little teaser for later in the winter.

Seeing what is right in front of us is always a challenge. We can see it, we can think about it, but we may not actually realize what we are looking at. Are we distracted? In a hurry. Thinking about too many things. Multitasking.

Ever seen a person run a red light because they did not see it? I bet they were looking right at it and just blasted through because they were seeing, but not looking. Familiar faces pass us by and do not know we are there. They saw you, they just didn’t look at you. Looking requires thought and acknowledgment of what something is or mentally identifying what something is and why.
The next time I am giving a visitor a quick tour of our church, I hope when I tell them to “Look around”, they actually do. Then the fun for both of us will begin.