Cathedral of the Rockies June 2015

on Sep 4, 2015 |

At the Downtown Church, summer has arrived and it is a little bit quieter.  A little bit.  A lot of our study groups that meet weekly or monthly are taking a break until September.   And, you can even find a daytime parking spot now as Boise High students are off for the summer!

It is wedding season and WOW,   you should see some of the beautiful weddings and receptions that have taken place here.  One in particular was nothing less than stunning.  The wedding party must have had 50 friends involved in setting up the reception in the Emmaus Center and it was worthy of a magazine article in Bride Monthly.

As non-church member guests arrive to events like this, I hear from them how they have interacted with Cathedral of the Rockies in years past.  Some remember attending preschool here.  Some were married here themselves in the 1970’s.  Others attended a Christmas concert that still has a place in the “fond memory” folder of their mind.  For whatever reason, they have a memory, and usually a smile to go with it.

I can think back to churches that I have been a part of over the years.  I can remember walking the halls, being in the rooms, the sounds, smell, and feel of the sanctuary on Sunday mornings and the drastic quiet of the same place after a Thursday night meeting.  What is the first church you remember being in?  What about it still stays with you?  I hope these are fond memories for you too.

A lot takes place at any church and especially this one.  We are constantly in motion and although there are times of year where less is going on, hundreds of people still come through our doors every day.

Hunger never has an off season.  Our sack lunch program continues to feed about 500 people per month and the Thursday and Sunday Friendship Feasts always have a crowd.

Support never has an off season.  At least 5 groups meet regularly to help people with recovery and life situations and the church gives them a consistent, safe, and familiar location to gather and heal.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to someday in the future, hear from a person that this church used to provide them meals when they were having a tough time?  Or provided the place where they came to work through a bad period in their lives?

If you are passing through town on the way “to or from” and need a moment to take a break, stop by the Church during the week.  The Doors open at 8 AM.  The coffee is… well… there is coffee.   The Cana Chapel is always open for prayer and a quiet moment to talk with God.  The First Fruits Orchard is a nice place to sit and rest also.  Bring a friend with you.  There may be a future memory and a smile.