Cathedral of the Rockies October 2014

on Oct 28, 2014 |

See if this turns a light on for you: “When we are given our rewards, I would prefer to have erred on the side of grace rather than judgment; to have loved too much rather than too little; to have forgiven the undeserving rather than refused forgiveness to that one who deserved it; to have fed a parasite rather than to have neglected one who was truly hungry; to have been taken advantage of rather than to have taken undue advantage; to have believed too much in my brothers and sisters rather than too little; having been wrong on the side of too much trust than too much cynicism; to have believed the best and been wrong, than to have believed the worst and been right.” – Gerald Boyer.

I like this quote. I aspire to be more of this type of person. Too bad it won’t fit on a bumper sticker or t shirt.

The quote was given to me by Pastor Brenda Sene. She probably told me, but I can’t remember who Gerald Boyer is. So I looked him up.

I found one who is the CEO of a Canadian pharmaceutical company. One who is a Realtor in Baltimore. Another who is a Strategic Sourcing Manager at Select Comfort, There are Gerald Boyers that sell Tracker Boats, a Handyman Dad, a Law Lecturer, and Engineer, and a French Asset Manager.

Which one could have written such a profound declaration? None of them? Any one of them?

That is my personal “Ah Ha!” for this month. You just don’t know. You don’t know! Because to me, the person that would have these thoughts, that would realize his place in the world and the Kingdom, who would take the time to think this through, is not the person to stand on a corner and shout or point fingers. I am surprised he even attributed his name to the words! This person goes about his day doing things, and being things that I bet from the outside look ordinary. It is only by getting to know this person that we would find out the heart of service and the mind of sacrifice that I bet they possess.
On the other hand, I may be totally wrong, but that does not make for the inspirational and motivational writing that I try to come up with each month here in the Good News.

No, there is a good story behind this person. I also think they had a moment in their life when this all became clear. They saw that they were living in excess and were perhaps a bit self-centered and realized that that was not sustainable as a Follower. They made a change, experienced the gift of awareness, and changed their life forever. With that came a peace and contentment that could only allow for the quote at the top of this column to be put on paper.

You may know who this Gerald Boyer is. I am sure Brenda does. I am not sure I need to know. That is not what is important. I think Gerald would agree.