Kill a Watt, Save Energy

on Jul 29, 2010 |

Have you ever wondered how much energy it takes to run your TV, computer or kitchen appliance? Now you can find out. Idaho Power has teamed up with libraries throughout Idaho to bring you an easy-to-use tool that can help.

Now, you can check out an Energy Efficiency Kit from your local library. The kit features a Kill A Watt™ meter, a device that can measure the energy consumption of appliances in your home, instructions for using the Kill A Watt™ meter and tips for saving energy.

Simply plug the Kill A Watt™ meter into a standard, three-prong electrical outlet, then plug your appliance into the meter. The meter will measure the amount of power being used, helping you identify potential savings by either unplugging items when not in use or replacing the item with a more energy efficient model.

For instance, if you frequently leave your TV on all day for “background noise,” but no one is watching it, you can measure how much power it uses in a set period. From there, you can multiply the power used by your current electricity rate (found on your bill) to see how much money you can save by turning it off when it’s not being watched.

Visit www.lili.org/energy to find a participating library near you.