“I Want A New House” – Get it as a PDF!

I Want A New House is an entertaining and educational eye opener for anyone thinking about their next house. A must read to help you maintain your sanity, learn the inside truths about how contractors work, and advice if you are looking at previously owned homes. This workbook format will help you define choices and avoid mistakes in selecting your next home.

6 x 9 Glossy Soft Cover  258 pages.

Written by Joe Prin and Stuart Gustafson – Copyright 2009

NEW! Updated for 2014!

Available in Hard Copy or as a PDF File

6 x 9 Glossy Soft Cover – $19.95
PDF File – $9.99


At some point in time, you, your spouse, or someone, will look at you and say “I Want A New House.” How you react to this powerful statement and what you do about it can be a life-changing event. Whether your next house is your first house, your third, or what you expect to be your last house, the principles and empowering sequences you will learn in I Want A New House will give you the knowledge and tools to get through the process not only successfully, but with excitement and positive results.

Is this a good time to be thinking about a new house? We all know what is going on in the world right now. And because of this, now is the PERFECT time for this book. For those who read, understand, and put into practice the advice and information contained in this book, they (you!) will be in the best position to act on opportunity when the time is right. You will know things that others won’t. You will have an advantage.

You have probably heard stories about how difficult it was to select and move to a new house. Or how once a person got into their new house, it was not what they expected. Or how building a custom home almost destroyed a marriage. Or how homeowners were at the mercy of others involved in the transaction. Read and do what Joe Prin and Stuart Gustafson have outlined in this informative and valuable book and you will not be the person others tell stories about.

It should be noted that while you can simply read through I Want A New House, cover to cover, and gain a tremendous education and a few laughs, the real benefits come from building “The Notebook” suggested by the authors. The spiral bound format will allow you to flop open I Want A New House on the kitchen table or the hood of your car. It should be used as the most important tool in getting or building your next house. Carrying “The Notebook” you have built under your arm, you will be in control of all that is going on around you, and your next house will be exactly what you wanted. If not, read the book again, you must have missed something.

Do you want a new house or a used house? Is this next house for your Golden Years or is it to start off and raise your family in? How much house can you afford, and when is too much, well… too much! Stories, examples, tangential humor, and some just plain “out of left field comments” make this an enjoyable read for anybody. Even if that next house is a few years away.

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