Who is Your Customer

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The Valley Times Column – NOV 2016 Do you know who your customer is? I found myself in a conversation with a person who just completed her first year of self employed business. I asked her how it was going and if she had a good year. “It was a great year! We were busy almost every day and we took care of a lot of people. Yes, it was a good year.” So I asked her, “Who is your customer?” I received a somewhat confused look as she thought it was a set up question… which it was. From my years in Radio, Retail, advertising and marketing work, and as a Contractor, I have learned something. Know your customer! Knowing your customer is not just having their name, address, phone and email. It is developing a demographic profile of everyone you do business with. The amount of information can be taken to the extreme, but for the window washing business of the woman I was talking to I...

Cathedral of the Rockies August 2015

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“Good, Fast, or Cheap- Pick two”.  It was a phrase I often used in my Remodeling business prior to life here at the church.  Lots of stories to go with it. But today, let’s focus just on “Cheap”.   What is the real cost of Cheap?  An engineer friend of mine explained this in economic terms to me by saying that in making and selling things, if two identical products have different prices, you have to ask why.  Why is one of them cheaper? Or why is one more expensive?    Likewise, if two products cost the same, but one comes from halfway around the globe and the other from 10 miles away… why?  Assuming the same margin for the seller, somehow down the chain, cost is being pulled out of the product to make it cheaper. If the model discussed above is broken-down into the significant components, three groups would form.  Those groups are Materials, People, and Environment. In the case of...

Cathedral of the Rockies July 2015

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Interesting conversations can manifest themselves in the most obscure locations. While pulling a few weeds in the First Fruits Orchard a passerby diverted off the sidewalk and took a seat on one of the benches.  She sat quietly as I buzzed around the trees pulling bind weed and goat heads.  I soon needed a break and joined her on the opposing bench.  We started talking. She was a visitor from out of town staying with a family member a few blocks away.  There were medical issues at the home and she was there to provide comfort and care.  She needed a break.  She went for a walk and found the orchard on a beautiful day with a slight breeze.  Her story ended with “I really needed this place today.” One of her questions for me was how the orchard came to be, why, and who.  I gave her the short summary, something hard for me to do.  All she said was “wow”.   She then observed a Dad and two...

Cathedral of the Rockies June 2015

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At the Downtown Church, summer has arrived and it is a little bit quieter.  A little bit.  A lot of our study groups that meet weekly or monthly are taking a break until September.   And, you can even find a daytime parking spot now as Boise High students are off for the summer! It is wedding season and WOW,   you should see some of the beautiful weddings and receptions that have taken place here.  One in particular was nothing less than stunning.  The wedding party must have had 50 friends involved in setting up the reception in the Emmaus Center and it was worthy of a magazine article in Bride Monthly. As non-church member guests arrive to events like this, I hear from them how they have interacted with Cathedral of the Rockies in years past.  Some remember attending preschool here.  Some were married here themselves in the 1970’s.  Others attended a Christmas concert that still has...

Cathedral of the Rockies October 2014

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See if this turns a light on for you: “When we are given our rewards, I would prefer to have erred on the side of grace rather than judgment; to have loved too much rather than too little; to have forgiven the undeserving rather than refused forgiveness to that one who deserved it; to have fed a parasite rather than to have neglected one who was truly hungry; to have been taken advantage of rather than to have taken undue advantage; to have believed too much in my brothers and sisters rather than too little; having been wrong on the side of too much trust than too much cynicism; to have believed the best and been wrong, than to have believed the worst and been right.” – Gerald Boyer. I like this quote. I aspire to be more of this type of person. Too bad it won’t fit on a bumper sticker or t shirt. The quote was given to me by Pastor Brenda Sene. She probably told me, but I can’t...

Cathedral of the Rockies September 2014

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There was a brief article in one of my construction and remodeling magazines  addressing the issue of complaints that the “Millennial” generation has about quality of  workmanship, contractor professionalism and performance, and reliability. The article  did not offer any solutions, just pointed out the dissatisfaction this group of consumers  were having with trade and service professionals. People surveyed for this research reported missed appointments, technicians  showing up not knowing what they were to do, materials not on hand, or prices not as  promised. And then it became obvious to me why this was happening. This same group was  sourcing who they invited to their homes by doing Google searches and getting  references from websites like Yelp. The details continued to disclose that many of the  dissatisfied never had a verbal, let alone a face to face conversation with the...

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