Garage Door Makeover

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In the typical fashion that I usually write in, two things will happen here.  First I will jump to the end right at the beginning, and two, the middle will probably have more detail than what you want.  But if you venture through this short -on- words, big on photos story, I think you will see how easy a pro makes a very important project look. The first photos are the before and the after of what this really nice Wayne Dalton Garage Door did for our house.  The flimsy, cheap door that was there served the function quite well, but it just did not have any Pizzazz to it.   Probably a bad choice in words considering how many are available in the English language, but the look of a garage door has evolved.  I think we are seeing the fading out of the typical white panel door and ushering in a new standard of the garage door opening being more of a designed...

Fold Down Downspout

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Here are the photos I was talking about on the 11-1-2014 HomeFix Radio Show.  Simple to build and very valuable to your homes foundation.  Just use a piece of downspout that matches the ones you already have.  You may have to raise up the bottom elbow to get slope.  Make the drop down as tall as you can reach.  Longer is...

Guest Columnist Tina Hamilton- Outdoor Statement Pieces To Add To Your Home

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Warm weather is fast approaching. Everyone is heading outside more often, meaning they will be walking by your home or even coming over to spend some time in your backyard to enjoy the sunshine. You want your home to stand out from the rest and even show a little of your personality to every passing glance. Once the snow is cleared, you feel ready and excited to get started on creating the best outdoor spaces this year. Outdoor projects can still be intimidating, though, and easy to put off for another year. Don’t be afraid to create the look you want outside your home this year and increase the impact that your home has. Here are some simple ideas for creating outdoor statement pieces that you can achieve this year. Look to these tips for advice and methods to help make a statement piece reflect your personality. A grand deck for entertaining Whether in the front or back of the home,...

Re-purpose Business Cards

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I finally found a use for all those old business cards that collect in drawers and on refrigerators.  They make great little mixing boards for two part adhesives!  If you have changed jobs like me several times in your life, here is a great use for that old box of cards your boss bought you!  Stick it to em’!  

Project: The Right Light

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I mentioned a while back on the HomeFix Radio Show the light that I installed inside out lazy Suzan cabinet in the kitchen.  I received several email inquiries about how this was done and asked if I could share some pictures of the install.  Sure, why not.  OK, the why not is that this is probably at least 5 electrical code violations even though it works great.   I should also note that the install was somewhat planned out in advance as you will see by the power source I provided inside the cabinet.  More on that later. Here is a picture of the door on the cabinet open.  The installation here is of a hinged door Susan cabinet.  If your door is attached to the rotating shelves, this exact install will not work.  You can see in the photo, the light is on and the cabinet is bright inside.  At first when my wife Vicki told me about this feature (seen in some magazine) I didn’t see the...

Project: The Kitchen that Won’t Stop!

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Here is my personal kitchen project that has been under construction for well over a year.  It is 90% done now with only part of the ceiling to be buttoned up after a bit up the upstairs plumbing is moved for the new master bath (another project- details to come later). Thanks to Justin at Western Idaho Cabinets for getting the cabinets built, Victor for installing them, and Tim at Johnson Brothers for getting me set up with the Butcher Block Counter Tops from Boos Blocks. This is the “Before” with the divider wall between the old kitchen and the dining room just being removed.  The window over the sink will go away; the two tall windows in the dining room will go too.  In the middle will be three new windows.  I pretty much braced up the second story and re-framed the full exterior wall. The following are the pictures as of 12-1-2012.  You can see the tile floor is in, the backsplash...

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