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I am pleased to welcome to the HomeFix show Joe Bianchi and his company, Granite Transformations (327-9800- 4577 Chinden Blvd.). Granite Transformations is now a full sponsor of the HomeFix Show and I look forward to working with them not only on the show but also during the week on my customers homes and businesses. If you are even thinking about a kitchen or bath remodel / project / or make over, you really need to check this product (s) out. I went on a tour of the showroom and fabrication areas and am quite impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship and the product itself. I had several misconceptions about their counter tops and am glad that I was taken through the ins and outs of their methods and options. Joe is going to be on the radio show with me this weekend and you can call in if you have any questions. (336 3700 or 1-800-529-KBOI) He is also going to have a booth at...

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At one time, the HomeFix Club was to be a communications tool for members, show sponsors, and Joe to communicate with each other.  You can find examples of the newsletter archived below.   Punching out a timely newsletter was not working well so the email mailing list was discontinued. Today, you are invited to “LIKE” the show (The HomeFix Radio Show) on Facebook where much of the conversation and interaction now takes place with listeners and show participants.  This element of Social Media is growing and we hope you are able to join us there.  Thanks! Newsletter Archive May 2009 Newsletter June 2009 Newsletter July 2009 Newsletter September 2009 Newsletter November 2009 Newsletter December 2009 Newsletter February 2010 Newsletter April 2010 Newsletter May 2010 Newsletter June 2010 Newsletter August 2010 Newsletter October 2010 Newsletter January 2011 Newsletter March 2011...

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