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The WORX TURBINE600 Blower blew me away! Here is how my hierarchy of performance has been with yard tools. It starts with cordless tools being the weakest, electric next, and if you want real power, put a gas engine behind it. Myth Blown. To better understand an electric blower, you have to understand your need for an electric blower. I was one of those who used to make fun of the old guy down the street blowing off his driveway and sidewalks only to have the wind put it right back. I didn’t think a blower had a place in my home inventory. That all changed with… how do I put this… a surgery where guys really don’t want to have surgery. I was supposed to take it easy for a few weeks but it was fall and I am blessed with some massive maple trees in our yard. With great trees come great piles of leaves in the fall. The “old” way for me of rake, scoops, ‘barrow and bins to take the leaves...

Sun Joe Saw Joe

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I just paid for this tool in one hour! I have had a bunch of dead branches in a tree in my back yard that have been bugging me for about a year. I meant to call my Tree Guy to come get them out but that usually turns into $250 no matter what. So when presented the opportunity to put the Sun Joe Saw Joe through a HomeFix test, I jumped at it. After ordering the tool (SunJoe.com) it arrived in just a couple days on UPS in great shape along with another tool I couldn’t resist that I will review soon.                              I was all giddy to put together the 8” saw which took all of 4 minutes and that was reading the instructions. Pretty simple, and I see why they do not put these parts together for you. Don’t sweat it, it is really easy. But then I hit the stopping point. I needed Bar Oil. Out to my shelf in...

OHD Anywhere Smartphone App

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Here is the information on the new garage door control we mentioned on the HomeFix RadioShow. OHD Anywhere is an accessory that allows you to control and monitor your garage door from anywhere with your Apple® iPhone or Android phone or device. You can check if your garage door is open, closed or if there is any change to the door position. You can instantly know that someone is operating your garage door and open the door for anyone such as delivery, repair person or friends without having to provide the access password to your garage. With OHD Anywhere™ smart device enabled garage door controller you also can access the history for each opener you have which provides helpful security information such as when the door was used, including dates and...

12 September 2015 Show

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The HomeFix | 12 SEP 2015 Michael from Gem State Solar is Joe’s guest today as they talk about solar powered attic ventilators and tubular skylights.  Of course the discussion goes in many other directions, would you expect less? Joe talks more about “Cheap”.   Callers ask about possible asbestos in 1970’s ceilings, french door or Atrium door?, vinyl siding surplus- how much to save, solar estimates, and toilets that keep draining.

5 September 2015 Show

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The HomeFix Show | 5 SEP 2015 Its Ask a Plumber and Jim is in studio and the phones light up!  We really get into water softeners in this show.  A caller proves he knows more about softeners than we ever could hope to.  Callers ask about singing toilets, stuck shower valves, kitchen faucets, more water softeners, well pump cycling, more water softeners, Joe talks about fire wood storage as it is about that time in the valley.

29 August 2015 Show

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The HomeFix Show | 29 AUG 2015 Its random topic day for sure.  Joe talks about ladder safety, lumber prices, loose stone veneer, painting brick, tile patterns in printed tile, faucets at wholesalers vs box stores, and garage parking targets. callers ask about hard water rings in toilets, stucco over brick, insulating a crawl space, cleaning and staining cabinets.

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