15 August 2015 Show

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The HomeFix Show | 15 AUG 2015 Encore airing of the Recycle Show with the 3 Queens of Trash.

Wagner Flexio 990 Painter

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Wagner Flexio 990 Painter. I like to paint. But painting does not like me.  Years of abuse to my hands and wrists has left me with a muscular attention span with a brush of about 10 minutes.  After that, my fingers lock up and feel like they are on fire.  So when I had the opportunity to put the Wagner Flexio 990 to some testing, I was excited to give it a try. There are three large painting projects on my to do list, so this should be an interesting interaction with this tool.  To make sure I was prepared, I opened the box to look for instructions in the beginning rather than my usual after the fact. Packed well, I was greeted by an assembly of components that would form the complete Flexio 990.  My first reaction was that there was no way this all would be fitting back in this box ever again.  If you read ahead, you will see this proved to be not true! As I read through the quick...

28 March 2015 Show

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The HomeFix Show | 28 MAR 2015 Learn how to wash windows and the magic formula for home made cleaner! Also find out if your dog door is legal, where your attic fan should be adjusted to, a commentary on composite decking and why people call what they have Trex. Callers ask about attic ventilation on low slopes, screening in a patio, flaking driveways, and chips in enamel steel sinks.

RECLAIM Beyond Paint

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If you are a listener to the HomeFix Show you know that I do not talk about things that I do not experience first hand. I want to try stuff. I learn by doing. I also try to take the basic “Guy” approach and just dive into it without a lot of planning and evaluation. In most cases, things go horribly wrong. This wasn’t one of them. An email came in one day introducing me to this product. Before that, I had never heard of it. It claimed that it was a refinishing product that “would change the way the world looks at home improvement.” Ever seen Mr. Spock on Star Trek raise that eyebrow in skepticism? I did that. So with curiosity peaked, I agreed to try a sample of the product. A bit later, a box showed up at my door. I must say that opening the box was a bit anti-climactic. There was the quart of RECLAIM paint, a 3” chip brush, a cute little roller and frame, and a roller tray. This part...

How Channellock Tools are Made

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Watch and learn!  Click through the steps to watch a tool being made in Meadville Pensylvania. https://www.channellock.com/experience.aspx

Wrench Art

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