Cathedral College Notes for Homeowner 101

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Your house is a series of interconnected systems. Some work together, some independent of each other. Understanding why a house works the way it does, helps us to understand how it works. Roofs and water drainage A few years back we lived in caves. Basic shelter. This is what our roof does. The roof system is the absolute most important part of a house so we start there. The roof is made up of something to shed the water. Water flows downhill with gravity. Water always seeks the path of least resistance. So if there is a hole in the roof combined with gravity, water gets to the area under the roof rather than off the edge of it. Roofs can be built of Metal, wood, composite shingles, clay tile, and other water resistant materials. They all will fail eventually. Most of our homes here have some version of a composition shingle. These are fiberglass mats, soaked in asphalt emulsions and...