Hot Water Circulation Pump

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Here is the video on installing a hot water circulation pump that I referred to in the November 15, 2014 HomeFix Show.  These pumps are available locally at the big orange place, the blue one, and plumbing supply houses.  About $280 from what I am told.

DIY Homemade Air Conditioner

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How to make a non-compressor based “5 gallon bucket” air conditioner. Items needed: bucket, styrofoam liner, pvc pipe, small fan, and ice. (small solar panel is optional). One frozen gallon jug of water lasted 6 hours. tTemperature in house was 84F. Cooled air was in the mid. 40F range.

The Roentgens’ Berlin Secretary Cabinet

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Incredible woodworking desk.  No way to describe the amount of engineering and craftsmanship that went into this one. Watch and be amazed.

Home Comfort Pays for Itself

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See full article here.

Woodturning at the Woodcraft of Boise Woodworking Expo

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Mike Meredith of Doctor’s Woodshop shows off some really great woodturning finishes at Woodcraft of Boise Woodworking Expo, with Joe Prin of The Home Fix Radio Show.   Thank you Monte Eldfrick for the video.

Therma-Tru Installation Videos

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MAUMEE, OHIO – Contractors looking for step-by-step hinged patio door installation guidance can now find it atwww.youtube.com/thermatrudoors. A series of eight short tips-oriented videos, featuring Ohio contractor Steve Roth installing a Therma-Tru patio door, are posted on the company’s popular video site. The project videos detail Roth’s transformation of a wall with a window in an older home into an opening for a Therma-Tru hinged patio door. Each video includes tips for success and expertise that can be used by contractors on the job site. Steps followed include: Step 1 – Remove old window Step 2 – Prepare opening for door Step 3 – Remove door from packaging Step 4 – Placing door in opening Step 5 – Securing the door in the opening Step 6 – Checking door margins and reveal Step 7 – Check the door’s operation Step 8 – Final recommendations for success “The videos posted...

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