Backyard Updates to Save You Money

on Jun 6, 2014 |

Guest Post by Tina Hamilton:

Summer is here and you and excited to get back into your yard and spend some time outdoors this year. For most of us, this means pulling out the lawn mower and getting a little dirty to replant your landscaping. However these are all chores that do not give much back in return. When making updates in your backyard, it many even seen like sometimes you need to take out a loan from InstaLoan.com to pay it all off.

Ever think there might be a way to make your backyard ready work for you? There are some upgrades to your backyard that you can do to either save or even make you money all summer long. Here are some ideas for backyard updates that can save you money.

Plant a garden

People growing their own fresh produce is becoming a more and more popular option. Having a garden produces not only fresh fruits and veggies, but also a host of other positive things for you and your family. Planting a garden helps families eat healthier, spend quality time together, spend more time outdoors, and gain the pride of growing something. More importantly, you will save a lot of money at the grocery store and create a lot less waste.

Rent out a storage space

For those of you lucky enough to have a spacious backyard or an extra storage space, you could make a good income from renting that space out. Many people often complain about not having enough storage space, and will often pay a good amount to have a little extra.

Rent out an empty shed or even just a patch of land where renters can bring their own shed. Some people might even be willing to live in your backyard, if you give them bathroom and kitchen options. Consider these and other unusual possibilities to make money on your backyard.

Utilize rain barrels

Using rain barrels is great for the environment and your wallet. You can have money on your water bill every month and know that you are reducing your water consumption and waste every day.

Set up barrels underneath your rain gutters to catch water. Use the water in your garden and on your lawn all year round. You can even use it to water your indoor plants. Of course, it would need to be treated before you use it for your family or your pets.

Hang a clothes line

Another green initiative, hanging a clothes line in your backyard is a great way to save energy costs and lower your impact on the environment. You will save so much on your energy bill from not running your dyer as much, not to mention the lowered energy cost that you avoid when keeping your home cool with a dryer running and heating up the house. Another bonus, your clothes will smell fresher and cleaner every time you use your clothesline. Simply hang it between 2 trees along the side of your yard, or plant 2 stable posts to hang your clothesline from.


Author Bio:

Tina Hamilton is a journalist, blogger and social media guru. You can usually find her online or walking along one of Southern California’s beaches with her dog, Joey. You can find her on Twitter.

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