Project: Garden Gate Arbor

on Mar 7, 2009 | 6 comments

photo_project_arbor3This was a fun woodworking project done in the winter of 2008-09. While not a remodeling, it was a home improvement. My customer asked if I could build her a garden gate arbor off a set of plans she picked up at one of the box stores. I took a look at the plans and while well done as far as a how-to, the suggested materials were inferior. The plan called for pressure treated lumber. As you might know, pressure treated lumber is not dimensionally stable and is prone to warping and cupping in an application such as this project. It also looks goofy with all the little hash marks in the surfaces. I suggested a high grade of Cedar and that is what we went with. The lumber was very expensive, but worth it.

The result is a very sturdy assembly of laminations held with gorilla glue and counter sunk plated screws. I set the leg posts into concrete footings and the wood is finished with a UV protection natural finish from Behr. Stanley cane bolt and latch hardware in a black finish secures the gates. The plan here is to continue the fencing and landscaping to the house and side fence and should look really good when it is fully landscaped.

Material cost- $110