Trex Decking Review

on Jan 29, 2009 | 27 comments

I think I can make the claim that I built one of the first Trex decks in Idaho. Maybe not THE first, but pretty close. The project I did was at my own house and it was photographed and written up on the front page of the Life section of the Idaho Statesman newspaper on May 11, 1995. That deck is still there and looks great.

Since then, I have built 3 others for myself and probably at least 200 for my customers. I have seen a lot of other products enter the market and disappear.


The Trex company has a problem. The product name. People are starting to use it somewhat generically for composite decking. I have been called out to repair a Trex deck only to find out that it is not Trex, but something else. I have been asked to add on to a Trex deck only to find out it was some other off brand. I have even seen Real Estate listings touting the Trex decks on a home for sale and it was anything but the Trex product. BE CAREFULL. If you go to your lumberyard and ask for Trex, make sure you are getting it. Same goes for a builder or contractor giving you a quote on a Trex deck. Know what you are buying.

I say this because although Trex had a warranty issue for a few decks a couple of years back, they have always stood behind their product and taken care of their customers. What good is a warranty if the company is out of business?

As a contractor, their support has been nothing short of great. They continue to expand the line with railings and accessories, even fencing now to make any design possible. I have been through their training and am a Trex Pro Contractor for my area. They keep me informed as to new products and they listen to my input as a contractor. Any company that does this much for me, a lowly installer, I know the customer is in good hands.

I like working with Trex. It is heavy, I’ll give it that, but you can mill it, rip, drill, route it, and carve better than wood could ever do. Of the three Trex decks on my house, the oldest faces East and other than give it a bath once or twice a year; usually before a party I am hosting, nothing has ever been done to it. In 10 years!

My current favorites of the Trex product line are the 5/4 x 6 “Accents” series, and the “Brazilia” series. Check them out on the web and see these.

For a Do-it-yourselfer, you will need to know a few details about how to build the proper supporting structure for Trex decking, spacing requirements, and how many, what size, and where to place the screws. It’s not much to learn, but critical to the performance of your Trex deck. Most screw-ups by homeowners come from one of these three areas. Any dealer should be able to help you design your deck or Trex has good instructions in their Installation Manual”. You won’t need any different tools than you would use for a wood deck. But I would suggest a good self-feeding screw gun. More on that tool in another product review.

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