Trusted Resources

Trusted Resources

Look here for the people and companies that Joe recommends.


These TRUSTED RESOURCES are the companies and people that I trust to work on my own home as well as for my customers and referrals.  Print out this list if you wish.  Please give the people and businesses here a chance to serve you.  If you have any feed back on their work and services, please post it here.   If there are any corrections to be made to this list that I am not aware of, please contact me at Thanks, and remember to tell these businesses where you got their name!

7 Responses to “Trusted Resources”

  1. D Swanke says:

    Refrigerator & Freezer – repair?

  2. Foster says:

    trusted resource list please

  3. Joe to posters says:

    To get the resource list, just click on the RED “Trusted Resources” highlight in the text and the 4 page list will come up. You can save the file or print it out. Thanks!

  4. Gene Daffner says:

    we are checking out replacing our house windows in bedroom and living room. We will be calling Anderson windows for an estimate and want to call at least one other company. Can you suggest one or two other quality window companies that you have had do an installation. We are looking for a quality product and installation. Your help is appreciated.

  5. Joe to posters says:

    For questions, please send an email direct to I don’t catch these replys as soon as you post them. Thanks!

  6. George says:

    Is it practical to denote which of these references
    will travel outside the Treasure Valley. I am in the
    McCall/Donnelly area.


  7. Jean says:

    Looking for someone who can adjust gutters so the water flows where it should. i.e. down the spout and not in the corners.